AboutPer Rock

Dance performance, DJ, Lecturer and Event Creator with many years of experience

Per Rocks knowledge of past and present music is immense. His unbelievably sharp way of playing the right tunes at the right moment is incredible. Give yourself and your party, a treat, a one-of-a-kind experience, hire Per Rock as your host / DJ for the night.

His know-how of “oldies but goodies” (1910s to 1960s) is second-to-none, and he loves to mix it with the TOP 40 tunes from the past 5 decades (1970s to “up-to-date” 2021).

Per Rock has themes to make every party something extraordinary and why not give it a try with old school 45 RPM singles or even more fun, the very old 78 Shellac with a blast from the past. Write to him and hear what the possibilities are. Finally, his equipment when he plays old records is a must see, it will make your eyes bulge. The equipment is authentic 1956 radio and gramophone, inherited from a previous radio station that broadcasted from a ship named RADIO MERCUR.

When hiring Per Rock as a DJ he opens the ball with great enthusiasm and gets the party started. He will happily take to the floor to get people dancing.

Talks, if you want to hear stories about “the good ole jolly days”, Per Rock is the one to hire as he can make people sing-a-long, dance and make you laugh that makes your stomach hurt in a good way.

Per Rock is the right person for your party, end of business meeting, Ice-Breaking, you name it, he does it.

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